How do I create objects?

Hello together – In loose order some tips and tricks. Today: Creating an object.

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In the input screen “Object Properties” you can deposit or change the data of your objects for the first time.

An object is the building in which your rooms and rental units are to be rented.

An object can contain several rental units (rooms). A rental unit / room must be assigned to exactly one object. Rooms and rental units are created or edited in the “Room Properties” screen. This is only possible if an object exists to which the rental unit / room can be assigned.

The individual steps for creating an object are the following:

0) You are on the start page (the “dashboard” of the HoHoManager.
1) Click on the gray gear in the HoHoManager logo. You are now in the mask “Settings & Statistics”.
2) Select “Objects & Rooms” to open the “Object overview”.
3) Click the “+” sign in the upper right corner of the Object Browser.
4) You are now in the screen “Object Setup / Edit” and can now enter the master data of your object.
5) Be sure to complete the entry by clicking on the Save “check mark” in the upper right corner of the screen.

An object is defined by a variety of input parameters:
– object type
– assignment to a host
– Address of the object
– object contact data (phone / email / webpage)
– Allocation of the tourist tax duty
– Allocation to Bettensteuerpfllicht
– Assignment to booking channels

Some basic taxes and local charges are associated with the location of the object and should be enabled on this screen as needed.

These include in particular the information on the general local tax obligation and City Tax (colloquial bed tax).

The obligation to the tourist tax can be activated here on object level. The exact tax rates and times are given in the input screen “Kurtaxeinstellungen”.

The obligation to CityTax can also be activated at the object level. The exact city tax rates and times are specified in the input screen “Tax Tax Settings”. Please note: The city tax can be handled very variable. Therefore, the HoioManager only models three standard forms:
– Bed tax based on the gross night rate
– Bed tax based on the net overnight stay price
– Bedsitter based on a fixed rate per night

Please note that all information given here appears on the guest’s later invoice and travel information. Therefore, these should be entered very carefully.

Have fun & success using the HoHoManager.
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